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Choose your ingredients with love

On that special day it must all match your heart’s desire

Whether you are in an elegant villa in its own country park or on the beach at sunset; at an evocative eighteenth-century castle or in a cool forest glade; in an intimate but forgotten chapel or a sumptuous ballroom with a hundred chandeliers; at a five-star poolside location or on a mountain terrace with a breathtaking panorama: whatever you want, we’ll make it happen.

Choose the music you most love and the words which you truly want to mark this most important moment. Marry words and music with meaningful actions and symbols to make your ceremony unforgettable, joyous and unique.

    Create a ceremony that is truly yours

    Music, words, readings, actions, meaningful moments, the partecipation of relatives and friends – when every single element is woven into a ceremony that truly reflects your personalities, you will feel that the celebration is truly yours.

    Unique- just as you are unique.

    What can you put in your ceremony? Let’s talk. We have no barriers.
    What can you leave out of your ceremony? Let’s talk. Nothing is obligatory.

    Ingredients for a successful ceremony

    How do you want yours to be?

    What or who is Egeria?

    We're a group of humanist celebrants and other professionals. Some of us are Italian, and some are not. We have been arranging humanist celebrations in Italy for


    Members of our celebrant team answer your FAQ

    It depends completely on what you put in it- on the number and length of the readings, for example, or whether guests or relatives want to say a few words.  On the music you choose, or if you want your cousin to play a love song on her cello for you. On the significant actions and symbolic moments you choose to include. A ceremony in more than one language can be too long unless you know how to tailor it. Our best advice is that it should never be shorter than fifteen and rarely longer than forty-five minutes.

    The moment in which a couple stands in front of the community of family and friends, and each declares a commitment to the other. So the ceremony has an important symbolic function- the social recognition of the couple.

    Anything and everything you want. Music, words, actions, symbolic moments… However, there are two elements that we believe to be essential if you are to have a wedding ceremony, and not some other form of celebration: the vows with which the couple takes on a commitment one to another, in the presence of the people thay have chosen to witness this exchange of promises.

    They can be, under Italian law and under certain conditions – contact us to discuss this. But the vast majority of our couples choose to separate the paperwork from the celebration, and so avoid including obligatory but tedious consular and administrative procedures in their ceremony; they do this by completing the legal aspects somewhere else.

    Our Classic Ceremony has a pre-defined structure that is the fruit of our team’s years of experience. Every element has been chosen to produce a complete, stylish yet versatile template which nevertheless allows you some degree of personalisation, to match the wedding to your own style and wishes

    Each individual Custom Ceremony is constructed entirely from scratch by your celebrant, who will ask you to express your desires and ideas and will suggest solutions, weaving them into an organic ceremony which is meaningful, sincere and – above all – yours.

    Our services start at €360 for a Classic Ceremony. A fully Custom Ceremony takes a great deal more time and effort, and requires an intense collaboration between couple and celebrant, and so will cost more. Other elements can also impact the final price: if you add a second or third language, or choose to include extra symbolic moments, or if there are other special requirements. There may also be agreed travel costs if the ceremony is especially distant. For full details, or for a quotation, don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Anywhere you like. We’ve celebrated weddings inside and out – in castles, villas, saloons, halls, parks and gardens. On beaches, lawns, mountain-sides and an air-strip. In forests, caves and chapels… There are no limits when choosing a location that suits you, and which fulfills your dreams – other obviously than those dictated by the law and common-sense (trespassing on private property, or asking your 90-year-old grandmother to traipse to a mountain-top might not be such brilliant ideas)

    They are evocative moments which are full of significance and emotion, which transmit meaning because of their deeply representative nature. Some of the better-known moments (apart from the almost universal exchanging of rings) are sand and candle ceremonies, flower ceremonies and hand-fasting. But the list of such moments is long, and it is our job to help you choose the moments which are most appropriate to you.

    Of course. The exchanging of rings is one of the oldest and most widespread actions used to symbolise the union of a couple. But it’s not obligatory and neither is it the only possible symbolic action. Your celebrant will help you choose the symbolic actions which are most appropriate in your case.

    Only if you want to. You can always choose your vows from our library of classical, traditional and original wedding vows. And if you decide to write your own, you can count on our advice, support and assistance.

    Our experience shows that they will be struck by the originality, beauty and appropriateness of your wedding ceremony, and will participate in each and every moment of the celebration with joy and affection.

    Certainly. We celebrate regularly in English, Italian, French, German and Spanish; with forewarning we can manage many other languages too. We also regularly perform bilingual and multi-lingual weddings.

    They are trained professionals, accredited nationally and/or internationally. Each celebrant has his or her own background, style and personality – but all of them have tons of both experience and empathy. They know how to translate your desires into a working ceremony, which they will in every detail – as well as foreseeing and managing with impeccable aplomb anything unexpected on your big day.

    Of course. You can decide whatever style you want, and whether to use recorded music or live musicians. Discuss it with your celebrant!

    Certainly. You can choose from the extensive collection we can show you, or you can look for (or write!) pieces that best fit you. You can also ask any of your guests to read, or write, something.

    We are open to considering any symbolic act, as well as the many we already use, if it helps your ceremony to match your hopes, aspirations and personalities.

    There are many ways you can give other people an active role in your wedding. You’ll discuss and decide this with your celebrant.

    Our main concern is the ceremony itself; but we inevitably meet a large number of people and companies who deal in the various wedding services, and we will willingly share our experience and advice with you.

    Contact us for an appointment – either in person or via web – so we can discuss.

    It can be very reassuring to know you are in expert hands, and will give you the serenity to enjoy your special day to the fullest extent. It’s true you can cure illness without a doctor, build a house without engineers or architects, and manage your own accounts. But entrusting your needs to competent accredited professionals will avoid the risk of unwelcome surprises.

    That love is all there is, is all we know.” E. Dickinson

    “A life without love is like a sunless garden where the flowers are dead.” O. Wilde