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It’s your wedding…

… and it should reflect your personalities

Everyone is different. That’s why at Egeria, we work differently with each and every couple, building on your wishes, your sense of style and of celebration to create an absolutely personalised ceremony.
Our proven professionalism and years of experience mean we can match your aspirations with the right advice and suggestions to make your special day truly yours, and truly unique.

    Follow your heart

    It will guide you well

    Let’s go deeper

    To understand more

    What or who is Egeria?

    We're a group of humanist celebrants and other professionals. Some of us are Italian, and some are not. We have been arranging humanist celebrations in Italy for

    “Marriage is, and always will be, the most important journey of discovery anyone can make. ” S. Kierkegaard

    “The heart knows reasons that Reason cannot know.” B. Pascal