What can Egeria do for you?

We’ll help you build an unforgettable, customised, unique ceremony

Just wanted to say that everyone found our ceremony not just really beautiful, but also moving! It was everything we had hoped for!  – Emma and Salvatore

Why choose Egeria for your ceremony? It can be very reassuring to know you are in expert hands, and will give you the serenity to enjoy your special day to the fullest extent. It’s true you can cure illness without a doctor, build a house without engineers or architects, and manage your own accounts. But entrusting your needs to competent accredited professionals will avoid the risk of unwelcome surprises.

Qualified and accredited celebrants

We’re a team of qualified and accredited celebrants. We offer monolingual, bilingual and multilingual celebrations, all over the world. We can perform ceremonies in the most surprising and the most obvious of locations. But most of all, we’ll give you advice, suggestions and help to help you create a celebration that is truly yours.

Our celebrants are professionally accredited nationally and/or internationally. Each celebrant has his or her own style and personality, but all of them have tons of both experience and empathy. They know how to interpret your desires in your ceremony and are used to foreseeing and managing the unexpected.